Who We Are and What We Do

Who We Are and What We Do

Our Story

The Capital City Supporters Group was originally founded in 2020, in line with the return of professional soccer to the capital. With a new team in town, there was a need to grow the supporters' culture and base in order to ensure the success of the club. That is why Daniel Duff first started CCSG, along with key figures such as Eddie Benhin, and Thomas Stockting. Countless others have been brought into the group, bringing with them a myriad of talents, skills and gifts, which has made CCSG one of the largest and most active supporters groups in Canada. It is through that same dedication shown by these founders, and by every CCSG members alike, that we are able to build Soccer culture in the capital. We hope you will join us on that mission.

What We Do

Supporting for us is many things. It is making signs and banners for game day. It is cheering and singing, playing drums and instruments to energize our team. It's to share in great triumphs and heartbreaking defeats, in the Dub or in the Pub, and everywhere in between. It is writing articles about the teams and players, making podcasts, creating videos, joining in on conversations, and most of all it is in being together and sharing our love of football. However you feel called to support local football, we are there with you and want to see it flourish.

Statement of Inclusivity

Supporting is for everyone. What this means is that we must be welcoming to all people, no matter their gender identity, sexuality, and race, and celebrate what brings us all together and what sets us apart. This means fighting transphobia, racism, homophobia, and any form of hate that harms and divides us.

Current Executives:

President: Bryce Crossman

Vice President: Eddie Benhin

Treasurer: Jonathan Hopkins

Constitution (Updated November 2023)

This constitution outlines the structure and functions of the Capital City Supporters Group.

Code of Conduct (Updated April 2021)

This document outlines the rules and expectations that we have for all CCSG members.